Crossing at 64

Project Description

The Crossing at 64 is a mixed use development located at the intersection of U.S. Highway 64 Business and Highway 64 Bypass (future interstate 87). It is approximately five miles from Interstate 95.

According to a traffic count by the City of Rocky Mount, approximately 48,500 vehicles pass the site daily. Highway 64 serves as the main route for travelers heading to the northern beaches of North Carolina. As a result, the Crossing at 64 can serve as a destination for both area residents as well as beachgoers.

A regional impact is expected as a result of the proximity of Crossing at 64 (2 miles) to the 4,000-acre mega site in the neighboring city of Kingsboro. This large development site in Kingsboro will be the location of 2 new manufacturing plants with 1000 – 1400 employees. An impact is also expected from the new Rocky Mount Event Center which will result in increased hospitality.

The Crossing at 64 development will benefit local residents by providing a place to purchase goods and services within the county and will provide travelers with a destination to dine, sleep and play.

The Crossing at 64 will create jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities, develop 200+ units of housing, increase property tax revenues (City of Rocky Mount and Edgecombe County), generate retail sales tax revenue, generate utility (electricity/water/gas) sales, and increase in commercial, retail spaces, and convenient grocery store shopping.

To date, the RMECDC has raised and expended funds for land acquisition, infrastructure costs, on-going mainteneance and Edgecombe County and City of Rocky Mount property taxes.

Development Plan

This planned mixed-use development addresses a variety of needs in Edgecombe County and the northeastern region of North Carolina. The Master Plan design includes development of retail, commercial, housing, hospitality/tourism, medical, professional services and family entertainment, food, and infrastructure.


If you are interested in purchasing one or more of the available parcels for sale, please contact us!

Infrastructure Construction

Crossing at 64 during the construction of the infrastructure

Bojangles Restaurant

Bojangles resturant was built on the site in 2014

Land For Sale

Crossing at 64 is a 30 acre site – with parcels available for sale for housing, a grocery store and more.  Please contact our team for more  information.