Revitalizing the Community

Rocky Mount, North Carolina is a city in the midst of transformation. Grassroots community development efforts targeting the community over the past few years have fostered civic engagement and built new leadership, with residents now poised to participate in growth initiatives.

Efforts to revitalize the city with large scale development are currently underway.  A large sports and event center has recently opened in the heart of the city, and multiple manufacturing plants are expected to result in over a thousand new jobs over the next several years.

In the context of these developments, RMECDC sees an opportunity to modernize and enhance its portfolio of developments and to create new destinations for the city of Rocky Mount. Our goal is to help ensure that long-term city residents take part in the city’s transformation and growth.

RMECDC is working to help city residents enjoy the benefits of safer neighborhoods, suitable and affordable housing, employment opportunities, access to healthy foods and improvement of health outcomes.

With residential, commercial and mixed-use development opportunities in a growing city, RMECDC has great investment opportunities waiting for you!

Our On-going Campaign

The RMECDC is in search of capital contributions or investments to help complete shovel ready development initiatives and organizational administrative functions.  It hopes to utilize a combination of funding mechanisms including grant contributions, long-term capital investments (such as investments in Opportunity Zones), venture capital and tax credits (historic, low income housing and new market tax credits) to help us further our efforts to revitalize our neighborhoods, strengthen our communities, create jobs and train tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.

By supporting the RMECDC, investors and/or contributors will gain access to new investment opportunities and a proven track record of development by the RMECDC, which has been achieved through the support and contributions from Local, State, Federal, and philanthropic funding partners.  


Please contact us if you’d like to discuss real estate sales and development or partnership and investment opportunities.  We also accept philanthropic donations, so donate now to help us enhance the community!

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