Holly Street Revitalization

Project Description

Holly Street Community Revitalization: RMECDC has been engaged to help revitalize a distressed Holly Street area. RMECDC has already developed and sold 14 single family homes and 24 duplex units in this neighborhood.  This work has transformed the community resulting in a tremendous positive impact for area residents.

However, there is still a need and an opportunity to continue to rehabilitate properties and construct new homes, both rental units and single-family homes. Funding for the Holly Street Neighborhood Revitalization has been and will continue to be used for housing acquisition and rehabilitation and new construction.

Development Plan

The RMECDC plans to rehab and/or construct a total of 20 additional rental and single-family units in the Holly Street neighborhood.

Holly Street Duplexes - Before

Holly Street Duplexes - After

Holly Street Duplexes - After